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  • CUSTOMER COMPLAINT When customers complain, it is a reflection of the standard of service delivery. It is a feedback to producers of goods and services to help improve the quality of their services for customer retention.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION At Texan Ombuds’ we strive to ensure customer satisfaction across all spheres and industries. Just let us know what products, goods or services you are complaining about and we will take up your complaint with the service company to ensure improvement in services. One customer complaint speaks for 100s of customers. We may have the products replaced or tender an unreserved apology for poor service delivery or have the company compensate you for any inconveniences suffered.
  • SATISFIED CUSTOMER At Texan Ombuds’ we strive for customers to remain satisfied with service delivery at all times. When customers are satisfied with products, goods and services, we are happy. We strive to ensure companies render standard quality services at all times..