Who is an Organizational Ombudsman and what does he do?
The Organizational Ombudsman, Texan Ombuds’ Consulting & Legal Services is a complaint resolution expert. He receives complaints directly or indirectly from clients’ customers outsourced to it by clients-organizations and or the public customers. He investigates the complaints and mediates fair settlement to resolve the complaint that arose between the client and the customer.

How can the Organizational Ombudsman be contacted?
The Organizational Ombudsman can be reached at Texan Om buds’ Consulting &Legal Services, Plot A89, Road 2, VGC, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: +2348023129207, +2348094444413. Email: admin@texanombuds.com, Website: www.texanombuds.com

What is the Corporate Philosophy of the Texan Om buds’ Consulting & Legal Services?
Our Vision is to be the foremost global complaint resolving services provider. Our Mission is to provide most suitable complaint solutions to our clients by ensuring that received complaints are simply resolved. Our Brand Driver is complaints, simply resolved. Our Core Values are: Independence, Neutrality & Impartiality, Confidentiality, Informality, Integrity and Ethics.

How does the complainant/ customer know that his/ her complaint has been received by the Organizational Ombudsman?
The Organizational Ombudsman will within two hours of receipt of customers’ complaint write to the customer acknowledging receipt of the complaint and would in the response assure the customer that the complaint was receiving due attention towards resolution.

What Principles does the Organizational Ombudsman apply in resolution of complaints?
The Organizational Ombudsman, Texan Ombuds’ Consulting & Legal Services applies the Alternate Dispute Resolution Principles and the Principles of Natural Justice, Equity & Good Conscience in complaint resolution.

Does the Organizational Ombudsman apply laws in the resolution of complaints?
No. The Organizational Ombudsman as much as possible does not apply laws and or legal technicalities in complaint resolution. He applies the principles of fairness, equity and compromises from the parties in resolving complaints.

Can customers submit complaints over the telephone?
Yes. Customer may submit complaints over the telephone, but the customers are expected to furnish sufficient complaint details as well as contact details to enable Organizational Ombudsman revert to the customers in due course.

What happens in the event that a customer does not furnish all the relevant information regarding the complaint?
The Organizational Ombudsman calls the customer over the telephone and or writes to the customer via email and or hard copy letter requesting for further and better particulars/ information to assist in the investigation of the complaint towards resolution.

Exactly what information would allow the Organizational Ombudsman to determine whether or not the complaint can be investigated and resolved?
The Organizational Ombudsman will require the following information;

  1. Contact information including telephone numbers, email and contact addresses.
  2. Summary of complaint(s),
  3. information pertaining to the loss, damage or delay arising from the clients’products/ services if applicable,
  4. copies of all relevant documents, including letters,previous correspondences exchanged between the customer and the client-organization.
  5. Complaints relating to the client-organizational products and services complained about.


What is the estimated duration of the investigation and the mediation process employed by the Organizational Ombudsman to resolve complaints?

On the average, the Organizational Ombudsman should resolve a complaint within 3 to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the complaint and the reconciliation required to reach a settlement. In some instances, complaints could be resolved within minutes or hours of receipt of complaint.

How will a customer’s complaint be investigated?
The Organizational Ombudsman will interview parties involved as required, gather and analyze all relevant information, develop investigative plans, conduct on-site visits depending on the complexity of the complaint, issue proposed settlement recommendations to the management of the client-organization for consideration, approval, mediate between the parties to find mutually acceptable solutions.

How will the customer be informed of the outcome of the investigation?
The Organizational Ombudsman’s recommendations when approved by the clients organization will be conveyed to the customer in writing and or via telephone.

Is there a cost to use the Organizational Ombudsman services?
The Organizational Ombuds’ services is free of charges where a client-organization outsourced their complaints resolution processes to the Texan Ombuds’. However, in the event that a walk-in-customer/ referral customer contacts the Texan Ombuds’ to use the complaint resolution services/ resource, being dissatisfied with any organizational product/services made available to the public, the walk-in customer/ referral customer will pay consultation charges/fees and have the benefit of consulting the Organizational Ombudsman to ascertain the nature of the complaint and the resolution process and will only pay negotiated/ agreed professional fees in the course of resolving the complaint(s).

Can a customer remain anonymous when contacting the Organizational Ombudsman?
No. The complainant must furnish contact information in order for the Organizational Ombudsman to review and handle the complaint. However, in the event that the customer is afraid of retaliation, depending on the nature of the complaint, if criminal in nature and or there is imminent danger/ harm to anyone, the Organizational Ombudsman may notify security agencies/ authorities to investigate such anonymous complaint(s).

What if the customer or either party is not satisfied with the resolution reached by the Organizational Ombudsman?
If either party is dissatisfied with the recommendations or resolution reached, the Organizational Ombudsman may mediate further to arrive at a fair settlement. If either party is still dissatisfied with the resolution reached, such a party may decide to litigate the matter for judicial resolution. The Organizational Ombudsman may refer the complaint to an Associate Law Firm, Messrs. Knightbridge Solicitors to look into the complaint with a view to commencing legal proceedings towards resolution where necessary.

What further steps will the Organizational Ombudsman take if resolution is acceptable to both parties?
The Organizational Ombudsman will communicate the resolution reached to both parties. Both parties are expected within Seven (7) days to confirm they have accepted the resolution reached. The Organizational Ombudsman will then implement the resolution reached by ensuring that the parties endorse terms of settlement and or execute a Memorandum of Understanding between the parties. The complaint file is then closed and the client-customer will receive several reports on statistics/ trend of resolved complaints on monthly and quarterly basis.

What is the significance of resolving complaints through this medium?
The Organizational Ombudsman is an informal complaint resolution resource/process ensuring that the relationships between clients-organizations and their customers are sustained during and after the resolution of the complaint and the customer is pleased with the client-organization.

What are the benefits of using this process to both the client-organization and the customers?
This medium ensures that complaints are resolved in very informal and relaxed mode. The client-organization benefits from this process because it has good feedback of customers’ expectations and has a second chance to render good services to the complaining customers. It also helps the clients-organization to determine how best to apply their resources and to improve upon their products and services to the customers’ satisfaction. The customer is happier because the complaint is not only resolved the root causes are dealt with to ensure it does not occur again. Other customers who may not have complained have the benefit of enjoying the resolution of the complaints. It minimizes litigation and creates a more cordial and conducive business environment for both parties. It also acts as a smoke detector to the client-organization of the dislikes of customers and affords the client-organizations to retrain their staff to render efficient and proper services to their customers. It affords the client-organization to treat the customers as king to boost their profit base in the discharge of the services to the customers.

Does the Organizational Ombudsman treat the customers’ complaint confidentially?
Yes. The Organizational Ombudsman abides by the principles of the International Ombudsman Association and ensures the complaints are treated confidentially and will continue doing business together.

Who may use the Organizational Ombuds’ services?
Private and Public Organizations, Government Agencies, the Judiciary as well as individual customers from the public.

Does the Organizational Ombudsman handle complaints/ pending cases in court?
Yes. Judiciary and or the Multi Purpose Door Court Houses may refer pending cases in court to the Texan Ombuds’ Consulting & Legal Services to mediate fair settlement to resolve the matter. Litigants may by themselves also explore the informal resolution process of the Texan Ombuds’ to have their pending case(s) amicably resolved. This processes would however be without prejudice to the proceedings pending in court as the Attorneys to the litigants would inform the court of litigants’ resolve to explore out of court settlement to obtain fairly long adjournments for the Organizational Ombudsman to mediate fair settlement in resolving the issues regarding the case(s).

How will the Organizational Ombudsman of Texan Ombuds’ Consulting and Legal Services notify the general public when a client-organization has out sourced its complaint resolution process to it?
The Texan Ombuds’ upon receipt of the letter of instruction outsourcing the clientorganizational complaint resolution processes to it will undertake and do the following:

  1. Place an advertorial in the National Dailies to sanitize and inform the general public accordingly.
  2. place paid advert/ prime-time radio and television jingles in favour of the client-organization to notify and inform the general public,
  3. random bulk sms/ text messaging to prospective client-organizational customers,
  4. hold customers’ forum sessions for and on behalf of the client-organization to have a direct one on one with customers.
  5. circulate fliers, complaint forms at key designated outlets where customers of client-organizations are likely to use.
  6. create kiosk where necessary at designated client organizational outlets.
  7. toll-free telephone lines.
  8. open up complaint channels including telephone lines, emails text messaging, complaint letters, visits, life chat on web site to resolve complaints.
  9. access to the Texan Ombuds 24 hours Complaint Centre.


Is the Organizational Ombudsman restrictive to Nigerian client-organizational customers and clients only?
No. The Organizational Ombudsman has an international network approach to resolution of complaints as a member of the International Ombudsman Association, e-Legal group and ABA Section of Dispute Resolution. This network exposes the complaint resolution resource global inquiry and to use the avenue to resolve any complaint involving a foreign company/ individual and a Nigerian organization, company, Government agent, parasternal and or individuals.

How does the Organizational Ombudsman create awareness for its services?
Through client-organizational patronage, customers’ patronage, through its website, customers’ digest, publications and media adverts.